Easter ride 2021

Easter🐣 2021, long ride on my new gravel bike, going north, to Harestua, up to Grua down to towards Roa, but to test climbing gear, I turn right an to a up-hill just before Roa climbing up Haakenstadlinna, and then a nice downhill to Roa centrum.

From Roa I going up Ransfjor linna to the topp, and then turning back following a gravel road to Grindvoll, back on the tarmac on Grindvollinna down to Kalvsjøtjernet.

Then I to the Oppenvegen up to Kalven, turning right at Lake Svea going over the top at Volla and down to Lake Mylla riding on some muddy dirt roads.

From Mylla it was a good nice downhill ride down to Grua, where I have a pit stop at Kiwi getting some calories🍩😋, before the last 20 km home.

90 km on mix roads, changing weather, sunny, cloudy, windy, cold , warm, so typical Norwegian spring time😀

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